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What an array!

P3 have been learning to multiply.  They have been using arrays to help them find the answers!


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Read Write Count

P3 were delighted to received their Read Write Count bags on Wednesday.  The bags were filled with books and games.  A big thank you to the parents and carers who came along on Wednesday morning to see them getting their bag and then spent time in the classroom playing with the children.


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Egyptian Headdress

P3 have been learning about the ancient Egyptian pharaohs.  We have discovered that they wore some strange clothes!  We decided to design our own headdress – similar to what a pharaoh would have worn.

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Primary 3 have been learning all about measuring length over the last few weeks.  They have been comparing lengths – longer, shorter, longest etc.  They have also been busy inside and outside measuring different items using cm and m.  They discovered that 100cm equals 1m and were very excited to find big things to measure in our playground using metre sticks.

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Primary 3 have been working on soft c in our spelling this week.  The rule is ‘When c comes just before i, y, or e it usually makes the s sound.  It is called soft c.’ E.g. face, cycle, or city.

Your child will be coming home with homework on Friday (8th).  There are spelling words using this rule.  Please look for the homework jotter in your child’s bag.

Many thanks

Mrs McLaren