Primary 3

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Pizza for everyone!

Last week Mr Keles (Rubi’s Dad) visited our class and brought pizzas for us all. We thoroughly enjoyed the special treat – thank you very much Mr Keles!


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Numeracy Day

Hello Parents and Carers.

P3 are looking forward to you joining us in class on Wednesday 16th May from 09:00-09:30.  We will be doing Number Of The Day and then some challenges that have been made up by pupils in our class.

See you on Wednesday!


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P3 are scientists

Today we conducted an experiment in our Under the Sea topic.  We wanted to test out if blubber keeps a whale warm in freezing cold water.  We used a bowl of iced water and first of all placed our bare hand in.  Then we put our other hand into a clean small bag that was then inside another bag with lard (this kept our hands nice and clean!). Our hand inside the bag was much warmer compared to our other hand.  We had to make a prediction about what we thought might happen and then we carried out our experiment.

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P3 enjoyed their booknic this afternoon – after it being cancelled due to the snow!  We enjoyed sharing our favourite books, snuggling up with a warm blanket – there was even a picture of a roaring fire on the screen!  The popcorn and juice was enjoyable too!