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As part of our whole school topic on Scotland, all the classes are learning Scots poems. Pupils are invited to choose a poem to learn at home from the poems underneath and to present their chosen poem in class on Thursday the 26th January. A pupil will be nominated from each class to perform their poem to the whole school at the Scottish Assembly on Thursday the 9th February at 9.15am.


Sair Teeth

by Ellie McDonald


I’ll hae tae buy a dentist’s drill

Tae gie my Teddy’s teeth a fill

I’ve telt him every single nicht,

Clean yer teeth and dae it richt.

But Teddy disnae – that’s for shair –

And nou his twa front teeth are sair.

My Teddy’s thrawn as thrawn can be

An winna pey nae heed tae me.

My mither says, “Weill that’s a laugh.

What dae ye think he taks it aff?”



Twa-Leggit Mice


My mither says that we hae mice

That open air-ticht tins

And eat her chocolate biscuits

And cakes and siclike things.


Nae doubt it is an awfu shame

That mice should get the blame.

It’s really me that rypes the tins

When left alane at hame.


But jings! I get fair hungert

And biscuits taste sae nice.

But dinna tell my mither for

She thinks it is the mice.


The Wee Rid Motor

By Sandy Thomas Ross

In my wee rid motor,

I can gang for miles,

Up and doon the gairden,

Through the lobby whiles.

Mony a bigger motor

Gangs tae toons afaur.

Nane can gang whaur I gang

In my wee rid caur.




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